Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Every Friday starting September 13th from 7:15-8:15, Cost $10, location 1502 Milton grove rd, Mount Joy PA 17552.


 1)      Develop distress tolerance to help cope with painful events by building up one’s resiliency and giving ways to soften the effects of upsetting circumstances.

2)      Develop mindfulness to help one experience more fully the present moment while focusing less on painful experiences from the past or frightening possibilities in the future. Mindfulness will also give one tools to overcome habitual, negative judgments about oneself or others.

3)      Develop emotional regulation skills to help one recognize more clearly what one feels and then to observe each other without getting overwhelmed by it. The goal is to modulate one’s feelings without behaving in reactive, destructive ways.

4)      Develop interpersonal effectiveness tools to help express one’s beliefs and needs, set limits, and negotiate solutions to problems—all while protecting one’s relationships and treating others with respect.

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